Are you thinking of visiting, but can’t quite bring yourself to come?   Maybe it’s been a long time since you entered a church.  Maybe never.    Perhaps you attended church as a child, but were always shushed and told not to squirm.     


Have you heard that Christians all think they are better than you?    Or, that you won’t be accepted due to your pink hair, tattoos, or blue jeans?

We know that each person on earth is unique and may have different forms of expression.    All are welcome here.

Come for a visit

try us out

If you decide to visit us, you may be greeted by a friendly gentleman outside our entry.   He genuinely wants to welcome you and remember your name. (Jack is very good at this!)


Visitors are offered a Welcome bag.   We are truly glad to see new faces and meet you.   Services include time for prayer, songs, and a message from the pastor.  On most Sundays we offer Holy Communion, which is a gift from our Lord and connection to Him.