Christ the Servant Lutheran Church is committed to advancing God’s work on earth and making disciples.    We strive to be responsible stewards of all the resources (time, talents, and wealth) at our disposal.


Each November, the church votes to enact a budget for the coming year.   It includes projections of income from offerings, as well as expected expenses, such as the mortgage on our building, heat and light bills, staff compensation, and importantly - our donations to charity.   Like you, the church takes our first fruits and sends them out to support important missions.   Currently we apportion this money to work locally, church-wide through the LCMC, and internationally as noted below.


where we give


  1. Local -- 50% is devoted to our community through our Families in Need fund, Options Pregnancy, Union Gospel, and City Gates. These make a difference to local individuals and families who may be in crisis due to job loss, unexpected pregnancy, homelessness, or other challenges.
  2. Church-wide -- 12.5% is sent to the LCMC body to support missions and growth.
  3. International -- 37.5% is deployed to World Vision, Childcare Worldwide, and Courage House Tanzania.   Each of these organizations improves lives and demonstrates Christian charity and love in a broken world.