New feature for members and friends.

In order to help facilitate connections within the congregation we have added this new section to the website. This area is only accessible to registered members and friends.

The features of this area include:

  • Forums for discussions
  • Profiles
  • Activity Streams
  • Groups
  • Notifications
  • And more

An example of how the Groups could be used is that if you are a leader of a small group / home bible study you could create a group and then use that for notices to your group or discussions within your group. Each group also gets a forum for discussions specific to their group. We could also use it for other groups within the church such as the men’s group, youth program or Sunday School.

So, how do you join? Go to the menu at the top of this page. Put your cursor over the “Network” link and wait for the dropdown menu items. Move your cursor down to the “Register” link and click on it. That will take you to the registration page. Fill it out and submit it.

The registration will be reviewed and you will get a follow-up email. While waiting for the registration approval you should be able to access your profile and customize that.

If lot’s of members and friends are interested in this new section there may be a flurry of registrations at the beginning so activation might take a little while. We will work through them as quickly as we can. Please be patient.

Thank you for your interest.

God bless!