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Sunday morning worship via livestream at 10:30 am Pacific Time!

Sunday, November 28 I will be worshiping in the sanctuary so there will be a regular livestream but I will not be monitoring the chat and there will not be a web meeting version of the livestream. Michael

Scroll down to watch the livestream on this page. Click here to watch the livestream via a web meeting where you can see and interact with other worshipers and join into fellowship after the worship service. Ask questions. Receive prayers. Visit.

Watch the livestream and join in the fellowship following worship! – There are 2 ways to view the livestream. You can watch the livestream below or you can click on the link at the end of this paragraph where we share the livestream through a web meeting where we can see each other, send chat messages in order to share the worship experience and have a time of fellowship following worship. (Join Here)

This page is for our livestream. You will find here the Sunday morning worship as well as other special worship services and live events.

There is a chat box below that you can use for saying hello, asking questions about CSLC, prayer requests or technical support if you are having problems with the livestream. Generally, the chat box is monitored while we are livestreaming. Postings at other times during the week may not get a response for several days.

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Our Sunday morning worship services are live streamed here Sunday mornings at 10:30 am Pacific Time! To view it full screen click on the symbol with the four arrows in the lower right corner of the video.

Please note: If you load this page before the live stream starts you may need to refresh the page to get it to start playing. If your screen is small the live button to click on to start playing may be hidden under the play list until you click on full screen. After the livestream is done you can play the unedited replay by selecting the service from the drop down menu in the video window.


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